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Jacket: Malene Birger. Denim: Current/Elliott. Shoes: Zara. Chambray Shirt: Jcrew. Bag: Celine. Sunglasses: Burberry. Sweater: Jcrew Mens. Nails: Pop 'Radioactive'. Jewelry: David Yurman, YSL, Jennifer Zeuner c/o, Pomellato, Michael Kors, Gap, BR.


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Andrea Louise said...

Your bright green nail polish is ah-mazing. What is the brand & name of the color?

Melody said...

very cute! i love the shoes


Miss Saint Tropez said...

I love your coat!!!!

Pablo said...

This is really, really nice! =)


smile in high heels said...

aorei o outfit e o blo todooo!

Inspiration partout said...

Amazing outfit!Happy New Year!

fatima__el said...

Just ..... PERFECT!


Anonymous said...

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